a love affair with travelling Africa.

There Is Always One More Paper

In 2020, my world was shuttered by government-mandated shutdowns of everything. Amidst that time of loss, I pursued a personal creative journey to document and explore how COVID-19 has impacted tourism and hospitality businesses. My aim was to chase beauty in the world amidst a time of collective loss & tragedy, especially within the tourism and hospitality businesses.

What Is In The Photo Book?

As I travel take pictures and document stories of people, buildings, traffic, and all the things in between that make up the daily lives of the destinations I visit.

Too Beautiful To Throw Away

I hope that in journeying through this book, you feel something powerful in these witnessing moments in creation, that you’ll feel invited along this journey of discovery, that you’ll feel awe and wonder in these landscapes, that you feel encouraged to push yourself to the edge of whatever it is in your life to discover more and to go all in after something beautiful and worthwhile.
ph: Snow in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the book be delivered?

There were unforeseen delivery delays, particularly for international orders, due to circumstances out of my control. The last copy was delivered on 31 January 2024.

What type of stories can I expect?

In the photo book, I tried to include stories on local communities, hidden spots found off-the-beaten-track, and beautiful imagery of Africa's diverse and breathtaking landscapes. You might even discover a few places you’ve never heard about before.

How many copies are you going to print?

The project's biggest risk was not getting the minimum number of orders to make printing this book sustainable. For the first print run, I made 100 copies. All these copies have been sold.

Will there be a 2nd print run?

I don't think so. Making the first edition was alot.


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