Hi. I am Trevor, travelling across Africa to explore how COVID-19 has impacted African tourism and hospitality businesses.
I am interested in connecting with welcoming hosts around Africa to share my skills and experience in return for a welcoming stay and a taste of life in their part of Africa.

Content Strategies & Research Just For You

These days, it's nearly impossible to create all the content and research you need to keep your marketing channels fresh, innovative, and inspired.
Travellers inform themselves before and during travelling, gathering information about prices, hotels, sights, activities, alternatives, weather conditions, local traditions, food, drinks, and religious views of the destination. After the visit, they share information with others.
By hosting me, I will help you produce content strategies and research to build brand exposure, increase social reach, and ultimately, drive sales.

What I Help You With

Collaborating and staying with hosts has been the best way for me to learn how accommodation providers are recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as immerse myself in new cultures, learn new languages, develop new skills, and share my skills and expertise with businesses to build and grow the African tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Content Strategy
    I will help you develop processes and systems that will help optimize your business content creation approach
  • Consumer Research
    I will help you run a targeted consumer study that will help you gain insights about your business, product, and customer preferences.
  • Website Development
    I help you build a mobile-friendly website that not only looks goods but helps your business reach a wider audience.

What Else Can You Expect?

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Express Your Interest

Remember: I will help you for the duration of my stay and in exchange, you offer accommodation and possibly other benefits at your discretion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can host me?

Accommodation comes in many different shapes and sizes! and I am open to everything from hostels, homestays, villas, campsites and more in locations around Africa - in cities, villages, on farms and boats, in small eco-communities and even in the middle of the jungle.

How long will you stay with me?

I stay as long as you can have me. Select the number of days that you would like to host me.

What's the catch?

esides accommodation, you’re free to offer me whatever you’re able and willing to give. You can offer me daily meals, such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and - or the possibility of using the kitchen to prepare my own meals.
In return, I will provide you with content assets and strategies that you can use to build your company's brand exposure, increase social reach and drive sales.

What do I get from being hosted?

I hope to learn how your business is currently creating; distributing and keeping information about its brands and products up to date for travellers researching online.
I will use the lessons and experience to find easier ways for small to medium tourism and hospitality businesses to create research, content, and strategies them help them grow and drive sales

Can you still help my business if I can't host you?

Yes, totally. You can. Please check out the Rooots and Routes for the different ways in which I have been working with other business owners

I can't find the city in the form above, what can I do?

I might have been to your city or haven't planned to visit as yet. However, I am keen to connect and see if it would be possible for me to get to your city. Please reach out via the contact page and we can chat some more.


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